The Desert Assassins (DA) are in their 11th year of hosting off-road adventure trips in Mexico and in some other select countries. What started with one ride to Cabo with a few friends has turned into a great sharing experience and a big part of our lives.

The DA is not a tour company per se and we offer a limited amount of specialty trips at our discretion. Each trip requires that all interested must clear a bit of a screening for equipment, skill, and overall fit with our style and groups.

We never drink and ride/drive, there’s plenty of time for that kind of fun at the nightly destinations. The trips are not easy and the bike trips use a lot of remote and tough trails.

We respect our friends everywhere we go and expect those that take part in our adventures to act accordingly.

Cameron and Heidi Steele have both earned class wins at the Baja 1000 and in 2014 the team finished 3rd overall. If you travel to Baja with us you will get a look inside the DA way and experience Baja the way we live it.

Again, these are not your average trips and honestly they aren’t for everyone. Please use your judgement before contacting us about a date or trip you are interested in.

With respect to all,
~ Cameron and Heidi



truck adventure
2015 – trail of missions


Trail of Missions – late June

Truckin’ Good Times – Thurs to Sun, Memorial Day weekend

Surf and Turf – September 10-14 (Trucks and bikes)

Specialty one-off jeep/tough off road trip – Feb TBD



motorcycle adventures
Rip to Cabo 2014


Surf and Turf – September 10-14, 2015

2015 Specialty trip – Rip to Costa Rica – Early December


Hell Ride – Jan 14-18, 2016 – tough single track moto adventuring – Based in Loreto for 2016

Baja Bonanza – mid-February – by invite only

Rip to Cabo – Date TBD – very limited space – traditional window late March through early May

Baja Beach Bash – July 21-25, 2016 (4 nights is new for ’16)



The DA is unique in many ways from other full time tour groups. We are focused on the experience, not the bottom line, and there are generally more support vehicles and people than needed. DA adventures always have current paramedic support and we always carry medical supplies. There is no guarantee of anything in this world but being best prepared as possible is our motto.

We seldom have any injuries and typically they are what you would expect on off-road rides. To be safe though we had 4 medics ride and drive with us on Rip to Cabo and 2 medics were on board for Trail of Missions.

We also travel on the Baja peninsula with permissions from local, state and federal agencies and departments. We are a welcomed guest in Mexico and appreciate the support of the people and places we visit as well as thank the government for believing in our media support and sharing of the majestic Baja peninsula.

No matter if you go with the DA, a tour company, or by yourself, we wish you a great journey and know you will love the adventure of Baja or whatever destination you choose.

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