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  • Baja Beach Bash 2015

    Each year DA gets together with fellow organizers and hosts a charity fund raising ride through the Baja. There is lots of rugged trail, wide open beach, and tons of fun and camaraderie, but most importantly, it is all about supporting the orphanage at Rancho Santa Marta. RSM is a facility in the desert that helps house, educate, and care for children, including those with special needs. The ride is fun, but the cause and the impact it makes on these children’s lives makes the Beach Bash more than just a ride, it is a gift from the heart.

  • Baja Beach Bash – 2014

    baja beach bash 2014It’s July, and that means Cameron Steele and Johnny Campbell are leading a crew¬† on another Baja ride. The 60 riders not only get an epic run through some of Baja’s choicest terrain but they also raise money for the Rancho Santa Marta orphanage in San Vicente. The Baja Beach Bash is an amazing adventure with a lot of heart.

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